A powerful webhost for the modern web.


Fast cloud servers

Our hosting is lightning speed because we have over 150 custom built servers all connected for awesome speed.



Our hosting is completely unlimited. You get 1 FTP account, unlimited domains, unlimited databases, and more! We also don't place a single ad on your website!



We offer support like no other! With a forum where other users can help you out, and a awesome support team, you will always have a issue fixed in no time.


Latest version of cPanel

We offer the latest version of cPanel for free. No more paying because you hate the terrible x3 theme. We use the paper lantern theme for the best user experience.


Our Partner

We've partnered with Byet Internet to provide the best experience to you for free. Because of this partnership, we can offer you other services such as CloudFlare and cloud hosting. We also let Byet handle the premium signups.